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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

All I have to offer right now are two pictures of my recent Christmas knitting.


One picture is a collection of socks that I did, two pairs of the large house slipper boots, and a regular lacy pair in the middle. All of these were made with commercial yarn, the boots are Lion Brand Homespun Chunky and the socks are from an acrylic that I found in the sale bin at Michaels. The color is a very pale green.

The second picture is the alpaca scarf that I am knitting for a co-worker. It is unblocked right now, which I like, if I do block it, I don't think I will stretch it very much. It looks like many small cables from a distance, it is only when you look at the scarf up close, that you see the lacy look. This is handspun yarn, 2 ply in a natural color (dark tan).

I have not had any time to spin lately. Once these are wrapped up, I still have another quick scarf to do.


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