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Sunday, September 07, 2003

A new blog, from here on Upwards

The entries below this one are about a year old. I transferred them to this blog, after messing too much with the first one, and getting the settings to an unfixable point. I got so frustrated, it took me a year to get back to this one. But this morning, I was able to copy and paste from the old one to this one, and delete the old one. I have the Fiber Arts blogger ring on this one too, so those of us that are doing this together, will only get this blog and not the old broken one along with this one.

I am pleased to be back in the blogging business.

My thoughts on non fiber things are being blogged at LiveJournal.com under Yarnspinner.

Now to get some of last years fiber highlights updated on this one. Yeah, it might take me a few days, but that's better than a year :)


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