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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Decisions, decisions

Since I raise angora rabbits for their fiber, this fits right in this fiber blog!

I am suppose to be deciding which rabbits to keep and which to sell. I can take up to six rabbits with me to the Ohio fiber fair this weekend. And with 28 rabbits in the barn right now, this should be an easy decision. But it's not!

I am in a catch-22. I have made the decision to gradually decrease the fiber business and that means the rabbits too. Making this decision mostly means, just do not breed any rabbits anymore. The rabbits that I have now can be with me for quite a few years, so I am not just 'getting out of the rabbit business' right now, but letting nature gradually decrease the herd over the years.

It seems like a simple plan in my head. And based on that decision, I have been looking at each rabbit and placing it in a 'keep or sell' list. Unfortunately the thought process goes like this:

'This is a wonderful looking Jr French doe, she would be great to replace my current breeding doe.'

'Oh, wait, I am not going to breed any more rabbits.'

'My satin buck is starting to be too old for breeding, and this son of his is an even better red than he is.'

'Oh, wait, I am not going to breed any more rabbits.'

'Both of these does are from the same litter, I should only keep one. This one has a floppy ear, I could sell it as a fiber pet. This other one would look good on the show table, but I don't show, I should sell it. But I like the color better on the show bunny.'

And the dithering goes on. The deadline is tomorrow AM when we pack the car. I will take at least four bunnies, and try to find them good homes. After all there is bound to be four more people that love them as much as I do.


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