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Sunday, September 07, 2003

The beginning of the Labor filled weekend
Yes! A four day weekend off-from the bill paying job anyway. That is not to say there won't be lots of labor over these four days. My list is divided into BIG PROJECTS and LITTLE PROJECTS, a grocery shopping list, a menu list of meals, and last but most important, all the fiber projects. One item is to keep this blog more up to date, and to try and connect it to the blog ring for other fiber folks.
After a long night at work, and stopping for groceries on the way home, I was tender footed:) So my hubby offered to feed and check out the rabbits tonight. I was able to put my feet up and spin about 1/2 oz of white angora. There is another 2 oz to add to this bobbin, and then I will have to ply it. This is for the angora scarf kits that I sell.
So hopping on to check email, I write this, to be able to start on the official Labor Day list.

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