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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Are you ready for some football...spinning?

Yep, my favorite time of the year is back. Fall. Football. Easy chair spinning.

My first project is spinning CVM roving. I got this roving at the Michigan fiber fest, from Little Barn. I just loved the oatmeal color of the roving. I did not realize at the time that it was raised and sent for processing by the folks that run Little Barn. I like it even better now :)

It turns out to be very nice fiber too. It is easily spinning thin on my Roberta. I have not actually done a WPI check on the single yet, but two evenings of spinning and my bobbin is only half full. I wanted sock weight, I hope I am not going too thin for what I want. It would make sense to stop and ply what I have now and swatch....hmmm but do I want to be sensible. It is so relaxing to just sit down, have a lovely soft oatmeal colored roving in the hands, and spin away.

Part of this fiber is overdyed a teal blue, and that will be for the sock cuffs. Oh two tone socks, a new adventure for me.

I have two full Haldane bobbins with alpaca that need plied. That's another good job for while watching a movie. Let's see, choices from netflix right now are Miss Marple mysterys, Castaway or the Tannebaums.

But tonight and tomorrow, it will be football for sure.


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