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Sunday, September 07, 2003

07/24/02 post Spinning thicker yarn

I got two bobbins spun of the very thick yarn from the wool top, and then plied and skeined the yarn. A sample skein of 20 yards weighs 2 1/4 oz (66gr) and is 6 wpi. It is the right wpi to compare to the commercial super bulky yarns, but is much heavier. I know this is because I am using top instead of roving. I showed it to several other spinners last night, and their opinions were that they loved the yarn, but wouldn't knit with it, being so heavy. I have contacted the person that was interested in selling the yarn, to ask if she thought I should try and copy what is commercially available, or go for this ultra super bulky that I know I can do :) More on that later. I also have joined Techspin bulliten board, to ask the same question. Drafting the top thinner, only increases the chances of thick/thin spots, even in a bulky yarn.

I need to make a sample swatch, after checking out my knitting needles for super large sizes....I think I have some somewhere.

Last night at spinning group I took my Ashford, that has a new lace flyer on it. I found I had to concentrate much more than spinning should require, especially when it is with a group chatting. But between being new to the lace flyer, and having spent the day spinning thicker than thick, I was not relaxed and enjoying what I was spinning. I was using merino roving, and found it frustrating, even drafting thin, I would hit short ends in the roving, and have a clump in the yarn. I watched another spinner, spinning from the fold. I think that might be an answer to some of the problems I was having, and plan to try that next.

In case it looks like all I do is spin after reading these first two posts, let me assure you it is only because I have had the days off. I now go back to my job, and busy schedule.


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